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Annie's Song

John Denver / John Denver: Goodbye Again (1970)

Intro: D D4 D D4 D
D4 G A Bm
You fill up my senses
G D D/C# D/B
Like a night in a forest
D/A G F#m Em
Like the mountains in spring time
G A A7
Like a walk in the rain
G A Bm
Like a storm in the desert
G D D/C#, D/B
Like a sleepy blue ocean
D/A G F#m Em
You fill up my senses
A7 D D4 D D4 D
come fill me again.
Come let me love you 
Let me give my life to you 
Let me drown in your laughter 
Let me die in your arms 
Let me lay down beside you 
Let me always be with you 
Come let me love you come love me again 
You fill up my senses... 

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