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Cold Cold Ground

Tom Waits: Franks Wild Years

C Am
Crest fallen sidekick in an old cafe
C Am
never slept with a dream before he had to go away
C Am
there's a bell in the tower uncle Ray bought a round
Never worry 'bout the army
G G7 C
in the cold cold ground
Cold cold ground
Cold cold ground
Cold cold ground
Now don't be a cry baby when there's wood in the shed 
there's a bird in the chimeny and a stone in my bed 
when the road's washed out they pass a bottle around 
and waits in the arms 
of the cold cold . . . 
there's a ribbon in the willow and a tire swing rope 
and a briar patch of berries takin' over the slope 
the cat'll sleep in the mailbox and we'll never go to town 
till we bury every dream 
of the cold cold . . . 
Gimme a Winchester rifle and a whole box of shells 
blow the roof of the goat barn let it roll down the hill 
the piano is firewood Times Square is a dream 
I find we lay down together 
of the cold cold . . . 
Call the cops on the Breadloves bring a bible and a rope 
and a whole box of rebel and a bar of soap 
make a pile of trunk tires 
and burn 'em all down bring a dollar with you baby 
of the cold cold . . . 
Take a weather vane rooster throw rocks at his head 
stop talking to the neighbors till we all go dead 
beware of my temper and the dog that I found 
break all the windows 
of the cold cold . . . 

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