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R. D. Davies/the Kinks: Face to Face (1967)

Dandy, Dandy, Where you gonna go now? Who you gonna run to?
G Bm Em G Bm Em
All your little life - You're chasing all the girls.
G Bm Em G C D
They can't resist your smile. Ohoh, they long for - Dandy, Dandy.
Checkin' out the ladies, Tickelin' their fancy, 
Pouring out your charm - To meet your own demands, 
And turn it off at will. Ohoh, they long for - Dandy, Dandy. 
Knockin' on the back door, Climbing through the window, 
Hub' is gone away, And while the cat's away, 
The mice are gonna play. Ohoh, you're low down - Dandy, Dandy. -- Dandy 
F# B C#7
Dandy, you know you're moving much too fast,
F# B C#7
And Dandy, you know you can't escape the past.
A Bm E
Look around thee and see the people settle down,
A A/G A/F# A7
And when you're old and grey you will remember what they said,
A A/G A/F# A7
That two girls are too many, three's a crowd and four your dead.
Oh Dandy, Dandy, When you gonna give up? Are you feeling old now?
G Bm Em G Bm Em
You always will be free, You need no sympathy,
G Bm Em G C G
A bachelor you will stay, and Dandy, you're all right.
|: C D C D :|
You're all right. -- You're all right.
C D D Dsus4 D
You're all right.

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