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Don't You Take It Too Bad

Townes Van Zandt / Townes Van Zandt: Townes Van Zandt (1969)

C - G G7 C F C -
Don't you take it too bad, if you're feelin' unlovin'
G G7 C
Well, if you're feelin' unfeelin', if you're feelin' alone.
C7 F
Don't you take it too bad, cause it ain't you to blame, babe
C G G7
Well it's only a game, babe, out of all of this living,
C F C C7
that we've got left to do. - - -
And if you go searchin', for rhyme or for reason,
G G7 C C7
Then you won't have the time - that it takes just for talkin'. -
'Bout the places you've been, babe, 'bout the faces you've seen, babe,
G G7 C F C C7
How soft the time flies - past your window at night. - - -
And we just can't have that, girl, cause it's a sad, lonesome, cold world.
G G7 C
And a man needs a woman - to stand by his side.
C7 F
And whisper sweet words in his ears about daydreams,
And roses and playthings, and the sweetness of springtime
G7 C F C
and the sound of the rain. - -

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