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Eddie Cooley, John Davenport, Peggy Lee / Peggy Lee: Things Are Swingin' (1958)

Never know how much I love you, Never know how much I care.
E7 Am
When you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear.
n.c. Am
You give me fever! When you kiss me;
F6 Am
Fever! When you hold me tight!
E7 Am
Fever - In the mornin' - Fever all through the night.
Sun lights up the day time, Moon lights up the night. 
I light up when you call my name And you know I'm gonna treat you right. 
You give me fever! When you kiss me; 
Fever! When you hold me tight! 
Fever - In the mornin' - Fever all through the night. 
Everybody's got the fever - That is somethin' you all know. 
Fever isn't such a new thing - Fever started long ago. 
Romeo loved Juliet - Juliet, she felt the same. 
When he put his arms around her - He said: Julie, baby, your my flame! 
Thou giveth fever - When we kisseth. 
Fever! with thy flaming youth. 
Fever - I'm a fire - Fever, yeah, I burn for sooth. 
Captain Smith and Pocahontas - Had a very mad affair. 
When her daddy tried to kill him - She said: Daddy, oh don't you dare! 
He gives me fever - With his kisses; 
Fever! When he holds me tight. 
Fever - I'm his misses - Daddy won't you treat him right. 
Now you've listened to my story - Here's the point that I have made: 
Chicks were born to give you fever - Be it fahrenheit or centigrade. 
They give you fever - When you kiss them; 
Fever! If you live you learn. 
Fever - Till you sizzle - But what a lovely way to burn. 

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