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Over The Hill

John Hiatt / John Hiatt: The Eclipse Sessions (2018)

|: Dm F G F :| Dm F
I'm over the hill, under the bridge,
G F Dm F G F
Still a few peaks and down the hills, I ain't seen.
Dm F
You talk about love, I talk about love,
G F Dm F G F
I don't know any better than to dream.
C Bb
I know your father's house, it has many rooms.
C Bb A
I see the young men sweeping up with their brooms.
|: Dm F G F C Dm F G F C :|
|: (But/Yeah) if you want me - I'm over the hill. :|
I'm long in the tooth, and what can I say? 
I've taken huge bites of life and I ate the bones. 
The gristle and marrow feeds my soul, 
Gives me the strength to forgive all the sticks and stones. 
And what you see in me you think I see too, 
I didn't get here telling stories for you. 
|: (But/And) if you want me (baby) - I'm over the hill. :| 
I hear a distant cry - A tear forms in your eye;
For the way things might have been - We can't live that again.
No time to fill the cup - No time to screw it up;
We'll have to place our bets - On a dog with no regrets.
solo: |: Dm F G F C :| 4x
Well time won't tell, heaven or hell, 
Time just pisses his secrets down the street. 
You talk about love, I talk about love, 
Sometimes I'll even think we know what we mean. 
No band of angels bringing peace to the streets. 
We wear the garments and we shuffle our feet. 
|: (But/Yeah) if you want me baby - I'm over the hill. :| 
Oh, I'm over the hill, babe. I'm over the hill baby. I'm over the hill babe. 

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