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Time Forgot

Conor Oberst

D Em
Polished my shoes, bought a brand new hat,
Moved to a town that time forgot.
D Em
Where I don’t have to shave or be approachable;
No I can do just what I want.
Em A D G
I wanna walk in that howling wind ‘til it scatters all my thoughts,
Em A D G
Sit all alone on the river bank ‘til I forget that I can talk -
Just listen.
They say everyone has a choice to make To be loved or to be free. 
I told you once I felt invisible, And I guess by now you see. 
That what I meant is I’m not all there until I finally leave, 
Some loneliness is acceptable and some’s just out right mean - 
It gets even. 
The ivy crawls up the garden wall builds a ladder towards the sun.
It can’t be climbed but who’s gonna mind if I claim it can be done -
A A Bm
And the sun goes down, and the stars come out,
Em A D
The distance that I felt, I can see it for myself now.
Boarded a train to take my memories back, Make up for time that I have lost. 
I’ll never know if I’m delusional I just believe that I am not. 
I’m gonna work for my sanity, give it everything I got 
Tough so far I have cheated death, I know someday I’ll get caught - 
Just living 
So here we go man, it’s beautiful, get your trumpet, get your drum. 
We’ll be keeping time in a second line, it can make you feel so young. 
I know you say you’ll go all the way but that’s not quite far enough. 
Someone told me that same thing, Someone told me that same thing, 
Someone told me that exact same thing once. 

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